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Portobello Mushroom Burger
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Robo Robert - Meet Robo Robert. He's an eccentric fellow who loves a good chip and defrag. Surprisingly well connected, RR plays chess, goes for walks, and even takes care of the mouse. Robo's life is simple, but something is missing. Something electric. One day, RR goes to a park for a chat with Lindy. Their exchange will change his outlook forever. (2014, Comedy, 6 minutes) Robo Robert - Short film in Vancouver
Change - A camera crew sets out to one of the most vibrant and socially diverse streets of downtown Vancouver - Granville Street. They propose a single question to random people on the street and record their responses on film. Directed by Jason Knight, editing and sound by Geoff Peters. Submitted to the Vancouver Short Film festival. (2010, Documentary) Change - a film by Jason Knight
A Different Beat - Two strangers at a bus stop have a notable musical encounter. Directed and edited by Geoff Peters. Produced by Logan Rudrum and Hon Leung.
Festival appearances: Showed at Cannes Short Film Corner 2012, France.
A Different Beat - Vancouver Short Film
Shawarma - After Riley's roommate Dwayne keeps eating Riley's food, the two best buds find out if their friendship can survive a head thumping altercation. Written and directed by Hon Leung, camera and editing by Geoff Peters, assistant director Logan Rudrum. (2012, Comedy, 13 minutes) Shawarma  an original short film by Hon Leung, Geoff Peters, and Logan Rudrum
You're Fired! - It's probably the worst thing to hear from your boss. But maybe not at this company! (Comedy) You're Fired - a short film by Geoff Peters
Occupy Vancouver Movement Interview, Oct 19th 2011 - A short interview with Gabe from Occupy Vancouver protest/movement at the Vancouver Art Gallery on October 19th 2011. (News) Occupy Vancouver interview by Geoff Peters
Mean Wild - Road of Mistakes - Music video from a Vancouver rock band, featuring puppetry, guitar, and singing. Filmed and edited by Geoff Peters in collaboration with Mean Wild. Road of Mistakes - a music video by Mean Wild produced by Geoff Peters
Alphabetical Order in my Neighborhood - Colin Pombo's funky music provides a rhythmic groove to accompany an alphabetical order tour through downtown Vancouver (Yaletown). Top 10 finalist in the Nokia Direct and Project film competition, 2011. Pick Pocket - a short film by Geoff Peters
The Fools of Attraction - A random encounter between two strangers becomes entwined with possibility. Produced by Geoff Peters and fellow students of Langara College Digital Video program. The Fools of Attraction - Vancouver short film
Burning Man 2001 - artwork and interviews (Music by Yoko Kanno). A brief documentary-style short video on some of the artwork and artists at the Burning Man festival, 2001. Burning Man 2001 - a short film by Geoff Peters and Alec Richardson



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selected videos


Change - a film by Jason Knight, edited by Geoff Peters


A Different Beat - Vancouver short film directed and edited by Geoff Peters.


Million Dollar Mushroom Burger - camera and editing by Geoff Peters.


Moonlight in Vermont - Gio Levy vocals, Geoff Peters piano